Outline of the thesis project


Curating and Facilitating Electronic Literature in public libraries’ physical and digital spaces: case studies Bergen Public Library (Norway) and Roskilde Public Library (Denmark)

Research questions:

• How do the case study sites manage organizing information infrastructure for Electronic literature information resources, both creative and critical, for both physical and digital library environments so far?

• What prevents or makes it difficult or less important in priority to successfully organize this information infrastructure? Why are Electronic literature resources are still largely absent from the libraries’ databases, catalogues, collections/web? What makes it difficult to implement them into the public library knowledge base ecology?

• What are the potential possibilities to improve electronic literature visibility and accessibility in public libraries?

Main objectives:

• To identify the main managerial and technical tasks each case study site does to curate e-lit

• To identify the problems, failures, difficulties in organizing information, knowledge and discourse arena for e-lit

• To investigate the external factors (economic, local governmental, partnerships, technical expertise from outside, user orientation, probable pressures etc.) for curating e-lit

• To find out what the case study sites lack in expertise to organize information infrastructure for e-lit resources and find the channels and affiliations which could fill in these gaps

• To explore the past, present and intended projects, partnerships and affiliations which provide information, knowledge on e-lit and organizational support or could do so in the near future

• To explore the collection and database development of both study case sites and to find out how they can be adapted to presentation of e-lit resources

• To explore how is the physical place used for presenting E-lit

• To explore what steps have been undertaken to implement E-lit resources into the libraries’ digital space and to investigate the potentialities for this

• To find out the librarians’ and other colleagues’ attitudes and opinions about e-lit curation and identify possible prejudices and high expectations